5 Ways a Property Manager Makes a Better Impression than a Landlord

5 Ways a Property Manager Makes a Better Impression than a Landlord

Many people assume that an owner knows the property best and can sell it better. Many others disagree, claiming that property managers know how to sell better and are better suited to the job. We agree with the latter. When it comes to landlord vs. property managers, a property manager definitely takes the crown, and here are five ways how.

Better Management

Nothing impresses potential tenants as efficient management does. Owners and landlords are usually busy with their jobs, family commitments or are simply enjoying the benefits of their investments. Homeowners who are managing a second job find it incredibly challenging to efficiently manage the tenant screening and property viewing procedure.

On the other hand, property managers are experts at managing their time between the properties they manage. They usually have a schedule in place and ensure they have allotted enough time to each tenant to answer all their queries and show them around the property.

Time management on the property manager’s end makes an amazing impression on potential tenants. The happier the tenant is, the higher the chances of you filling the vacancy.

Sales Pitch

For property owners, the estate is an investment that will bring them profit. When making a purchase, they take into account the property’s value and the potential revenue it can bring. Most landlords are usually unaware of the property’s selling points that attract tenants.

Property managers, on the other hand, know the estate and the neighborhood inside and out. They know how good the local school is, the homeowners association in the area, the rules and regulations, and all the amenities. They also know what material in the house could attract tenants and what features in the house to leverage and ultimately seal the deal.

Property Preparation

Landlords don’t have the time to clean and prepare every rental property for a viewing. They often walk in with potential tenants, and that is not a good first impression. For a property to be attractive, it has to be a space the tenant can envision living in, and property managers can help you do that.

Knowledge of Market Trends

Property managers are heavily involved in the field and are thus aware of the prevailing trends, unlike landlords, who are passive participants. A manager knows what families are looking for in properties and what features sell. If the house has energy efficient windows, the owner may not even mention those, but a property manager will. They know the latest security systems and their efficiency and can use even the smallest features, trending in the market, to package the property attractively.

Better Communication

Being a good investor doesn’t mean you are also a good communicator. However, it is one of the essential skills for property managers. Dealing with tenants and potential tenants is not a piece of cake and can be very frustrating. A property manager is better equipped to handle the process as they are trained to do so efficiently.

In the landlord vs. property manager comparison, the latter wins. They definitely create the best first impression. Simply having a manager is bound to impress potential tenants as it conveys the message that the owner values professionalism and efficiency.


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