Property Management Tips Amidst Corona Outbreak

Property Management Tips Amidst Corona Outbreak

As the coronavirus continues to spread, it is time that everybody takes whatever preventive measures they can in their capacity. It’s not only crucial that everybody practices self-isolation, but taking care of others is just as essential. With conjugal effort, we can beat this. Here are some property management tips to prevent coronavirus outbreak on the property.

Clean Shared Spaces

Social isolation doesn’t mean that everyone is locked within their homes. They will still be going out to make essential trips. As the caretaker of the estate, you need to ensure that commonly touched places like elevator buttons and door handles are all sanitized regularly.

As an employer, however, it is your responsibility to provide the cleaning staff with appropriate gear, so they don’t contract the virus themselves. Ensure that while they take care of the railings and the handles, you take care of them.

If the rental property has any additional shared spaces beside the lobby like a gym or pool, it is best to close them off. Disinfecting them regularly may be too much of a hassle for you.

Delay Non-urgent Repairs

While emergency repairs cannot be avoided like gas leaks, water breakages, or roof leaks, you can, however, delay all other non-urgent repairs like sodding, or fixing the lobby light bulb. In fact, the current protocol recommends that you do, as that can help avoid unnecessary contact with others.

Have an Emergency Plan

Instinct tells us that at a time like this, it’s every man for himself. But it doesn’t have to be that way. While you need to keep your distance and take precautionary measures, you also cannot let those relying on you fend for themselves, which is why an emergency plan is essential.

In the unfortunate situation that a tenant is diagnosed with corona, follow these tips.

  • Contact a hospital and obtain the necessary guidelines for transporting a COVID patient.
  • Communicate with all other tenants to stay indoors during the evacuation of the patient.
  • Make sure the patient walks out with a mask and gloves.
  • Once out of the building, seal their home and disinfect the entire building.
  • Tell everyone in the building to observe 14 days of self-quarantine.

Keep Vendors in the Loop

Contact local suppliers and talk to them beforehand to reach an understanding regarding the provision of essentials in case the situation goes south. Do not hoard essentials like toilet paper or food beforehand, as that only aggravates the situation. Just have a few extra cleaning supplies at hand and stay in touch with your local supplier to judge the situation and plan accordingly.

Clear Communication

First off, you must switch to online communication. Reduce physical contact as much as possible and only view the situation through video footage unless your presence is absolutely necessary.

Use emails and video messages to convey essential messages about safety protocol and action plans in times of emergencies. Issue a list of hospitals to call in case someone suspects they have the virus. Also, put out a list of what constitutes essential and no-essential repairs, so you don’t have tenants on your back for what is not a priority.

With these property management tips to prevent coronavirus, we hope you will be able to successfully and efficiently care for the property and its residents. Stay safe, stay indoors, and take all safety precautions.


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