Smart Home Technology Every Home Should Have

Smart Home Technology Every Home Should Have


A lot of the smart technology sounds over the top and unnecessary, and the marketing seems forced. But smart home technology makes sense and can drastically improve one’s lifestyle. Here, we mention smart home technology every home should have.

Smart Faucets

Smart faucets make a valuable addition to the home. They not only allow for touchless water dispensing and water-saving but are also voice-activated and controllable. You can command the faucet to dispense 3 cups of water or 12 liters of water, and so on. It is an efficient installation that makes your living space more functional and ensures efficient water usage, making it an ideal fixture for all environmentalists.

Smart Thermostats

Many argue that smart thermostats are pretty much the same as programmable thermostats. However, the main difference between the two is that you don’t have to program intelligent thermostats. They come with motion sensors that detect the residents’ movements, note their routines, and adjust the temperature settings accordingly. They help conserve energy by automatically programming and controlling the temperature settings that many are too lazy to do.

Smart Locks and Doors

They are an essential safety feature that presents several benefits for residents. Smart locks allow you to open and close locks remotely. In case you left the house in a rush and forgot to lock the back door, you can do so with your app. You can also open the door remotely to let people in.

Similarly, an intelligent garage door also makes life so much easier. You don’t have to get out of the car to open the door; you can control it remotely and open it before you make it home, so you park inside your house. You don’t have to worry about whether you locked the garage door or not and can do so anytime, anywhere.

Smart Lighting

Energy efficiency is another much-coveted feature in residential homes. In fact, by installing smart lighting in the house, you increase its value and even demand higher rent or a higher price for your property if you are thinking of selling or renting it. You will notice a substantial drop in the electricity bill as smart lights ensure efficient energy consumption, making them ideal for environmentalists.

Smart Fireplaces

Intelligent fireplaces are also an excellent addition to the house. They come with smart temperature control that you can also manage remotely. They also feature safety detectors that let you know if there is any leakage or a fire hazard of any sort.

Ending Note

These are just some smart home technology every home should have. There are so many more, including smart sprinklers, intelligent security systems, and so on. They help improve your quality of life, allow you to keep your home safe and secure even remotely, making them ideal for people leading a hectic lifestyle. Landlords gain an additional advantage by installing smart home technology as they can demand higher rent because of these fixtures.


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