4 Tips to Manage Properties and Social Distancing

4 Tips to Manage Properties and Social Distancing

The global pandemic has brought about some revolutionary changes in the way businesses operate. As many people struggle to shift their services online, property managers also try to handle essentially on-ground tasks in the virtual space. Here are 4 property management tips while social distancing.

Upgrade Disinfecting Regimes

Apartment complex managers, in particular, need to be extra careful about disinfecting shared spaces. To ensure the safety of tenants and the workers, determine timings for cleaning and seal the area during that time.

Doing so not only limits movement but also ensures there is no disruption during disinfecting. Make sure to go overall handles, doorknobs, and elevator buttons as well as staircase railings at least twice a day. You should also install sanitizer disposers at ever entrance and by all elevators.

Set up a Portal

For ease of communication, you should set up an online portal with all residents, as it helps in property management while practicing social distance. You can upload all important documents on the portal and even establish a complaint channel.

You can even add contact numbers for maintenance crews for emergencies. But most importantly, it allows you to establish a secure communication channel with tenants. You can also draft an action plan and relay it to the tenants via the portal so that in case somebody in the building acquires the virus, other residents know what to do.

Restricting Service Providers

You must restrict the maintenance staff. Establish some trusted sources and contact only those for repairs. Even then, make sure to spray them with disinfectant before letting them on the premises or inside homes.

People bringing in mail and deliveries should be kept off-premises at all times. Make sure you issue a notice to residents clearly stating these terms and conditions. For the residents’ safety, it is necessary, they know what measures to take and what to avoid.

Virtual Tours

Even though property management companies and owners are rethinking their eviction procedures and extending deadlines for tenants, the search for properties is still on. Here giving in-person tours is no longer an option. Neither are open house tours.

We must all go out of our way to practice social distancing and thus rely on virtual tours even more so than in-person visits. Property Managers should take this opportunity and record a tour of the property and upload it. Those who are on the lookout for properties to buy/ rent are likely to view it as the internet is their primary source of information at the moment.

Property managers must also set up the lead to lease cycle online. It allows you to discuss terms of the contract and lease online and also allows you to sign documents online. It eliminates the need for an in-person meeting.

With these 4 property management tips while social distancing, managers can keep business running and guarantee resident’s safety. Make sure to add a vacancy period so that managers can effectively disinfect the place before allowing new residents to move in


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