5 Tips to Attract Quality Tenants

5 Tips to Attract Quality Tenants

When you think about how to attract quality tenants, the mind automatically outlines having the ideal property set in an ideal location as the answer. However, one size never fits all, and there is no such thing as one perfect property for everyone. In this article, we outline five tips to attract quality tenants for your rental.

Outline Tenant Criteria

Planning as always is the best solution and the perfect answer for how to attract quality tenants. Knowing what kind of a tenant you want helps set a target market for you. Not only will that make marketing easier, but it will also make finding the ideal candidate so much easier.

Once you have the criteria in mind, you can easily incorporate it into the listing copy to filter out unwanted candidates. Additionally, you should be prepared for questions about smoking, pets, deposit, minimum income, and credit history requirements, if any.

Write an Attractive Listing

The majority of the tenants filter out potential properties thought online listings. Make sure you incorporate all-important selling points of the property. If there’s a hot tub in the backyard, it should be mentioned in the listing along with other essential information like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, covered space, parking, and garage.

Make sure to include any upgrades, for example, newly installed countertops or energy-efficient windows. List all features that help boost the property’s value and attract quality tenants. However, do keep in mind that the listing should be descriptive yet concise. It should provide adequate information but should not be too lengthy.

Professional Photography

Well, if you are looking for quality tenants, chances are that they are looking for good homeowners. You skimping out on photography sends a bad impression. If the photographer fails to capture the property’s charm, the pictures won’t be able to attract the desired class of tenants.

People are increasingly relying on visuals to filter out their options, especially amid the coronavirus outbreak. Make sure you hire a professional photographer who knows how to make efficient use of lighting to make the home look appealing.

Know all Area Amenities

You can use the area’s amenities as an extra selling point. Some people often compromise on the property if it’s close to the park or the grocery store or is near the community center. Make sure you know your desired tenant pool and what they are looking for in a property. You can then use the area’s amenities, the property’s location, and so on to make a sale or negotiate the price point.

Be Flexible

Often you end up losing potential tenants due to inflexibility. Be okay with rescheduling appointments and going out of your way for some people. While most tenants can view properties on weekends or after office hours, unexpected changes in schedule may force them to cancel or postpone. You must be patient and understanding, or you may end up losing the ideal tenant.

There is no set answer for how to attract quality tenants. However, you can filter out a lot of unwanted candidates by knowing what you want and what your property has to offer. If you can pitch the property right, you can attract the desired tenants.


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