5 Essential Holiday Safety Tips for Tenants

5 Essential Holiday Safety Tips for Tenants

Thanksgiving week officially marks the beginning of the holiday season. However, holiday spirit and decoration usually peak around Christmas time when even the laggers catch up on the holiday spirit and put up their decorations. Because Christmas is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to revise some essential holiday safety tips for tenants to prevent fire hazards and other accidents.

1. Lighting Rules

It’s hard to get into a festive mood unless you deck your house and Christmas tree in lights, and we are all for it only as long as it is done responsibly. Ideally, you should replace Christmas lights every three years as a safety precaution. Even if you don’t replace them, make sure you check the lights to ensure they aren’t damaged, broken, or frayed, as it increases the risk of fires.

Another lighting rule to remember is that you should not put more than three light strings in one extension cord or electrical socket. If you intend to use the lights and extension for indoor and outdoor use, make sure they are both suitable for outdoor use.

2. Christmas Tree Placement

Finding the perfect spot for the tree can be difficult as you want it to be the center of attraction, but it should not be in the way. No matter where you place your tree, make sure it is at least three feet away from electrical sockets, fireplaces, or other fire sources.

We recommend a minimum distance of three feet as you will have to water natural trees regularly, and artificial trees are also flammable. Make sure you follow our lighting recommendations when decking up the Christmas tree.

3. Candles

Yes, it is the season to light up candles to create a cozy atmosphere in the house. However, there are certain safety rules to follow when and if you light up candles. Firstly, do not set them near curtains, fresh greens, or any flammable decoration.

Secondly, never leave candles unattended. We understand the appeal of walking into a fresh-smelling home, but trust us when we say it is not worth the risk as it is a significant fire hazard. If you have children in the house, we suggest using battery-operated candles and air fresheners instead to ensure everyone’s safety.

4. Double Check Safety Equipment

Double-check the safety installations in the house before you put up holiday decorations. Make sure the sprinklers are operational and refill the fire extinguisher and place it conveniently. You should also have an emergency exit plan that all family members must be well aware of.

5. Maintain all SOPs

We know 2020 has been a tough year for all of us, and the idea of a not-so-glamorous Christmas is not very appealing. However, for your and your family’s safety, avoid large indoor gatherings. If you do want to spend time with the family, prepare properly distanced outdoor seating instead. Keep spare masks and ample disinfectant and sanitizers at hand to ensure you and your loved ones are well-protected as you enjoy the holiday festivities.

These are just some of the essential holiday safety tips for tenants. We hope everyone enjoys the holiday season to the max while being socially responsible and safe.


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