5 Ways to Make Your Property Appeal to All Generations

5 Ways to Make Your Property Appeal to All Generations

Different tenants have different requirements, and what may be an absolute must-have for one renter may not even be a consideration for another. There may be some features that appeal to you as a landlord or as a property manager, and including those on the property can attract like-minded individuals. However, you are simultaneously losing out on a lot of potential renters had you just incorporated a few other elements.


  1. Incorporate Outdoor Living Spaces

    If there is one thing this pandemic has highlighted is that your home needs to be a sanctuary, and many Millenials and Next-gen renters agree. Outdoor living spaces such as covered patios or a plush green backyard are very attractive features. In fact, a well-maintained yard might sell a house better than a well-maintained house.

    If you want to create a property that appeals to all generations, make sure you create attractive outdoor living spaces.

  2. Convenience is Essential

    We all lead very busy lives, and not many have the time to scrub their homes inside every day. Renters look for convenience and ease of maintenance. Low maintenance countertops, conveniently placed electricity sockets, separate laundry rooms, easy to clean and maintain flooring are just some features you can include in your property to make it appeal to all.

  3. Install Smart Home Devices

    Technology is appealing to all, and when combined with security, it is the perfect marketing feature. You can install phone controlled entry locks, wireless appliance programming, wireless security cameras, thermostats and more. A smart home is an appealing home, and one with a safe and easy to use and maintain security system is appealing to all generations.

  4. Maintenance Free Properties

    Most properties are usually maintenance free for the residents. They only really have to take care of simple tasks such as replacing batteries and changing light bulbs. All major repair and maintenance tasks are a landlord’s responsibility and should be kept that way. A property loses its appeal to many potential tenants if they find out they will bear the burden of maintenance and repair costs.

    Here a landlord might benefit from a property manager. They can help you stay on top of all your maintenance requirements, which is essential if you want to get a good insurance premium rate.

  5. Focus on the Essentials

    In your need to make your rental property appealing to all generations, do not forget to focus on the essentials. While outdoor living spaces are great, Internet speed, air conditioning and other basic requirements still top the list for most renters. Your main goal should be to make the property as comfortable as possible by providing tenants access to secure parking and basic amenities they may require to lead a comfortable lifestyle.

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