5 Essential Qualities of a Good Rental Property Manager

5 Essential Qualities of a Good Rental Property Manager

If you’ve decided to hire a property manager, then let us tell you right off the bat that you’re making a smart decision. It is truly a sign of intelligence when one acknowledges the need to share responsibilities and decrease one’s burden. Here are five essential qualities of a good rental property manager so you can select a competent helper.

Must be a Good Communicator

A substantial portion of rental property managers’ tasks revolves around communication. Whether it is contacting tenants for rent, or having them reach out to you for maintenance, you will have to talk to them.

A rental property manager will also be in charge of attracting new tenants to shorten vacancy period. For that, they must possess excellent written communication skills. As the property manager, it is their responsibility to market the property and advertise vacancies.

Since they are the ones managing it, they are well aware of the property’s key selling features, which make them the ideal candidate to draft the listing.


Management is all about organization. If you choose an unorganized rental property manager, they will not be of much help to you. In fact, you may end up in a rut having to clean up their mess that comes about as a result of their carelessness.

When selecting a rental property manager, make sure to determine whether they actively plan out daily tasks or not. You must look out for someone proactive so that you don’t have to worry about mismanagement.

Tech Savvy

The use of management apps and software has grown in the last two years. Now with COVID19 reshaping the way industries operate, a future without the use of property management software seems unlikely. Social distancing is predicted to be the norm for a few more years down the line.

The current situation and expectations for the future make being tech savvy one of the essential qualities of a good rental property manager. By using the software, they can ensure your properties and tenants are looked after even from a distance.

Professional Personality

Managers in every field must have an inspiring personality. Rental property managers, however, must establish an incredibly professional one. Property management is a profession where you deal with various tenants and run the risk of getting attached to them.

Maintaining a professional front at all times is one of the essential qualities of a good rental property manager. They should be able to avoid getting detached and separate their personal and professional roles.


Last but not least, they must have substantial experience in the field. The amount of time a property manager has been operating in the rental market not only depicts their credibility, but it is also a representation of the contacts they have. An excellent rental property manager must have the necessary connections in order to be efficient.

Out of all the essential qualities of a good rental property manager, experience and expertise definitely hold the utmost importance. Do not make a hasty decision and ensure that the person you hire is capable of lending a helping hand and will not end up being a burden.


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