All You Need to Know About the Minimum Housing Code for Miami

All You Need to Know About the Minimum Housing Code for Miami

If you are a property investor or are considering investing in Miami, you need to acquaint yourself with property maintenance laws in Miami. These laws are designed to ensure that homes and apartments being put out for rent are inhabitable, safe, and structurally sound, among other requirements.

Here, we discuss the Minimum Housing Code Miami, the property maintenance law governing all rental properties.

What is the Minimum Housing Code?

The minimum housing code is a legal set of instructions governing the living conditions of all rented and owner-occupied properties. It ensures that all occupied properties are safe to live in, the owner fulfills basic sanitation requirements, and all properties have at least basic equipment needed to live.

The set of instructions or rules is divided into two portions, the owner’s responsibilities and those of the tenant. Here we list down both for your convenience.

Basic Owner and Tenant Guidelines

As per the Minimum Housing Code Miami, the owner is responsible for:

  • Ensure the property is structurally sound and in good condition to survive weather conditions.
  • Provide adequate water, lighting, and plumbing.
  • Ensure provision of adequate heating in all buildings constructed after 1969. For a building built before said date, the property must have ample utility connections for the installation of heating equipment.
  • Provide ample lighting and electrical outlets.
  • Ensure provision of safe electrical outlets.
  • Make sure the house is painted and all exterior surfaces covered to prevent deterioration.
  • Provide safe sanitation, and garbage disposal means.
  • Ensure the house is free from insects and rodents in compliance with inhabitable housing standards set by law.
  • Make sure the building or property is not overcrowded.
  • Make sure the tenants are well aware of who to contact in case of an emergency.
  • Keep the property well sanitized and clean, especially shared areas in case of multi-family housing.

As per the Minimum Housing Code Miami, tenants are responsible for:

  • Make sure the building/property is clean and well sanitized during their stay.
  • Ensure careful use of all the equipment and facilities provided by the owner.
  • Take care of all maintenance requirements, such as keeping the plumbing in order and free from obstruction when in use.
  • Eliminate rodents and insects through proper extermination.
  • Dispose of garbage properly and efficiently.
  • Not overcrowding the building by allowing others to occupy the property with you for extended periods.
  • Make sure the building or property is always sanitary.
  • Not keeping pets in a careless manner destroys the sanitary conditions of the building.
  • Allow property inspection to ensure all regulations are being met and the property is well-maintained, clean, and sanitary.
  • Not using unsafe cooking equipment such as gas cylinders or other cooking pots can be dangerous or can potentially damage the property.
  • Not using safe heating equipment. The owner is only responsible for providing safe heating and electrical outlets in a building built before 1969, and the tenant must ensure they use safe heating equipment.

Final Word

If you need more information on property maintenance laws in Miami, contact Novel Management. Our expert can not only guide you on the Minimum Housing Code Miami but can also help you make investment decisions and manage your property.


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