How to Prepare for Miami Hurricane Season

How to Prepare for Miami Hurricane Season

The 2021 hurricane season is almost here – it’s predicted to start from June 1st and should last till November 30th. Last year, we saw a record-breaking number of hurricanes develop. Thirty of these were given names, and 12 of these named storms hit the shore of the United States, 6 of which were major hurricanes (Category 3 and above). The 2020 hurricane season had the second-highest number of recorded storms; the first was the hurricane season of 1947.

Climate change is undoubtedly the reason behind the increase in the number and severity of storms. Though environmental activists are trying to draw attention to the negative impact of climate change and are urging people to adopt an environmentally friendly way of life, the change will be a long process.

In the meantime, the best we can do is take active measures to ensure the safety of our homes and families during the hurricanes. Here, we discuss how to prepare for Miami hurricane season and provide tips on preparing your house for a hurricane.

Get Hurricane Coverage

When you buy or rent a home in Miami or any hurricane-prone region, for that matter, you must get hurricane coverage in your homeowner’s or renters’ insurance. It will help you pay for damage repairs incurred because of the hurricane.

Protect Your Doors and Windows

The structure of the house is meant to withstand storms and will probably survive even a substantially severe storm. However, the doors and windows are quite vulnerable as they are essentially additional fittings that aren’t as secure, airtight, or damage-proof. You should get storm shutters on all your doors and windows for additional protection.

You can also make simpler changes, such as inspecting the doors and windows before the hurricane season. Reseal all your windows and install heavy-duty bolts on all your doors to make the structure a little sturdier. You can also install impact-resistant windows and doors to save yourself the hassle of resealing them every year.

Check the Roof.

If your roof has straps that hold it down, you may want to look into installing metal straps to hold it down. We suggest you install an impact-resistant roof for additional safety and as a long-term investment into the safety and security of your house. If that is not something, you want to undertake at the moment, then repair or loose and broken shingles on your roof for the time being.

Check the Deck and Porch

You want to make sure that all the deck and porch posts are properly secured and anchored. You may also need to bring all the furniture inside. If it can fly away, it should not be out in the hurricane season.

Clean Out the Gutters

You need to ensure that the gutters are clean and do not have any twigs or broken branches blocking the drain. It will cause the water to overflow and pool around the sides of the house, which can cause water damage to the structure.

Prepare for Evacuation.

Lastly, but most importantly, know where to go when the storm comes and if things get out of control. Your home may no longer be a safe place for you to stay, so make sure you know where you can take shelter.

You must also pack an emergency evacuation kit with necessary food supplies, cash, clean drinking water, an emergency first aid kit, with all basic and essential medicines, as well as a pair of clothes.

Your car should have a full gas tank, so make sure you keep an eye on the news. These are just some tips on preparing your house for a hurricane; you may want to consult local authorities to know more about what you can and need to do.


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